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AC3Filter 2.6b download link:

What is AC3Filter 2.6b:

AC3File is a DirectShow Source filter. It is required to read any kind of AC3 or DTS files... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:

iNetFormFiller Freeware 3.5.08

"powerful automatic form filler and password manager allowing to fully automate & accelerate the process of filling forms of any complexity. This form filling manager allows you to auto fill web forms, autosave them and auto login into site."

Recommended Download:

CryptoStorage for Pocket PC 1.5.1

"CryptoStorage is a reliable and easy-to-use system for encrypting private data on your Pocket PC and controlling access to it. The work of CryptoStorage is based on the 'safe' principle. All kind of information (documents, photos, audio files, etc.) that get into this 'safe' is securely protected. A 'safe' is a folder in the root directory of your Pocket PC created by CryptoStorage and visible only if the 'safe' is open. You can create any number of 'safe' folders. Working with a 'safe' folder is similar to working with any standard folder (for example, 'My Documents'). You can create a document containing private information, work with it in any program, and then close the storage to securely protect the information. The system works so that your private files are not stored anywhere in their unencrypted form. There are no intermediate caches. Even if a failure occurs on your device, the data will be securely protected.
For encryption, CryptoStorage uses the next generation cryptography standard: Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) and supports 192-bit key size encryption. The encryption key is generated with the MD5 and SHA256 hash algorithms and is based on the password you enter."
Evaluation period: 20 days.

Recommended Download:

Windows Desktop Search 3.01 for Windows XP 3.0.1

Description by the Software Developer:
"Windows Desktop Search enables fast search on your PC using indexing technology. It helps you to find your documents, email, music, photos and other items. The search engine in Windows Desktop Search (WDS) 3.0 is a Windows service that can be used by applications such as Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and Office OneNote 2007 to index application content and deliver instant results when searching within an application. After you install this item, you may have to restart your computer."

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  2. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
  3. Cowon jetAudio 8.1.7
  4. Python 3.8.1
  5. VMWare Workstation for Linux 15.5.1 (64-bit)
  6. MathType
  7. Carambis Driver Updater
  8. Google Chrome 79.0.3945.130
  9. uTorrent
  10. Adobe Audition CC 2018 11.0.2
Latest software updates:
  1. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free 1.21.3
  2. UNetbootin 6.77
  3. ICQ 10.0.39206
  4. Mozilla Firefox Portable 72.0.2
  5. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 21.01.2020
  6. Sound Forge Pro
  7. Reg Organizer 8.42
  8. Chromium 81.0.4035.0 (64-bit)
  9. VisualCron 9.1.0
  10. O&K Print Watch

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