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NANO AntiVirus Free

NANO AntiVirus is a powerful and advanced application designed to provide you with security levels that conform to actual threats


NANO AntiVirus Free

Recommended Download:

SecureIt Pro 4.70.0117

A versatile security application for your Windows desktop. Lock your computer when you're away and prevent other users from accessing your desktop. Simply enter a password and click Lock - SecureIt Pro does the rest.
The features include:
Disabling the main Windows key functions (like Ctrl+Alt+Del, Alt+Tab, the Windows key, and the Ctrl+Esc key combination); logging incorrect password attempts; and even hiding itself every few seconds. Yet another very useful feature of this software is that you can allow other people to leave messages on your computer ("advanced customizability options include the ability to block out offensive words from messages"). In fact, "user-friendly features abound" and include such useful ones as: stop certain people from leaving messages; determining audio visual warnings to notify people of an incorrect password attempt; setting multiple passwords so that more than one user can unlock SecureIt Pro; setting the background appearance while SecureIt Pro is locked; log events, password protect the main interface and settings; and even verify that the entered password is correct.
Here's still another set of useful features brought to us by SecureIt Pro: the ability to set password reminders is great for users who tend to be on the forgetful side of life; and, for security-minded users, lock the settings so that only people who know the valid password will be able to change the settings; also, the advanced Keydisk feature provides for more security by using a disk as a 'key' to lock and unlock SecureIt Pro.

Recommended Download:

Oxygen FM Manager 2.0

This product is designed to give you full control over Nokia phones FM Radio.
You can load FM stations presets from the phone to PC's memory, easily edit it and upload it back. Creating custom FM preset is easy as saving a file. You can fill in all data manually or use prepared lists available online.

Recommended Download:

Adobe PhotoShop Elements 10.0

Description by Software Developer:
"Adobe's consumer-level photo editor offers unique features designed specifically for amateur photographers, hobbyists, and business users who want a simple-to-use, yet powerful digital-imaging solution. Flexible image-capturing options let you work with photos taken with digital or traditional cameras, and versatile delivery features enable you to prepare images for print, e-mail, or posting on the Web.

Adobe Photoshop Elements 4.0 software combines power and simplicity to help you do it all. Edit and enhance your photos by fixing common flaws instantly or using advanced options for more control. Keep every photo at your fingertips. And show off your creativity in entertaining slide shows, photo mail, Web galleries, and countless other ways."

License: Free to try; $99.00 to buy.

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