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IE7Pro 2.5.1

IE7pro is an add-on for IE 8/7/6 which adds lots of features and extras to make your IE easier, more useful, secure and customizable


IE7Pro 2.5.1

Recommended Download:

WinPatrol Plus 2017.5.1010.0

Detects and neutralizes spyware and adware. Takes snapshots of critical system areas (system folders, the Registry etc) and alerts you to any changes that may occur without your knowledge. Enables you to detect and neutralize unwanted IE add-ons, automatically filter unwanted cookies, kill multiple tasks that replicate each other, stop programs that repeatedly add themselves to your Startup list, and more.

Recommended Download:

SecureWord.Mobile 1.5

"There are hundreds of different software titles that can keep passwords available on the Internet. Most don't even deserve your attention. Some are done quite well. And there are only a couple of the selected ones that can be called professional.
SecureWord is a forerunner among the professional password management software. The first reason for this is that this software is a highly regarded corporate security tool. In addition to generating and keeping passwords, it can store any information, including files. It uses Advances Encryption Standard adopted by the US Government as the official standard in 2002.
The second reason is that it is very simple and convenient."

Recommended Download:

RegCompact Pro 2.6.7

Description by the Software Developer:
"RegCompact will enhance your system's performance by optimizing the arrangement of data stored in your system's registry hives.

During the normal operation of a Windows system, registry data is constantly being written to and removed from the registry. Over time this data becomes scattered within the registry file. When information is deleted from the registry holes are left which fragment the data within the registry. Due to this, accessing a few related pieces of information from the registry during program startup could become very slow as the system needs to traverse a very large file to find the data.

RegCompact solves the problem of registry fragmentation and large size by rewriting the registry hives into new files which are completely optimised and often much smaller. Your computer is restarted after the registry hives are compacted and during system startup the old, fragmented files are replaced with the newly generated and optimized ones."

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