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Child Control 2015 15.686.0.0

Parental control for PC time limits, Internet control, block folders


Child Control 2015 15.686.0.0
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Recommended Download:

icewm 3.2.3

Description by the Software Developer:
"IceWM is a window manager for the X Window System (freedesktop, XFree86). The goal of IceWM is speed, simplicity, and not getting in the user's way."

Recommended Download:

Playboy.com's Topless Joke Downloader 3.4.1

"Download Playboy.com's free Topless Joke of the Day videos to your hard drive with a single click to watch time and time again. Build up a collection of videos of beautiful, young, topless ladies telling jokes.
A free new topless joke every day Mon-Thu starring Anika Knudsen, Kate Brenner, Jennifer Corbin, etc., no need to ever make another payment again.
Only downloads video if it is a new issue, otherwise Playboy.com's Topless Joke Downloader will exit silently.
Filename has date of issue in ascending format and teller's name enabling easy archival. The joke video is in Apple Quicktime format."

Recommended Download:

Clipboard Express 2.4.14

Significantly enhances the capabilities of the clipboard. Simplifies the form filling process. Supports drag&drop. Sits in the system tray. Requires the VB5 Runtime library.

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