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STANDARD Codecs 7.3.9

An audio and video codec package for Windows 7/8/10


STANDARD Codecs 7.3.9

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Designed to provide search functionality on Intranet or public Web sites so customers and visitors can quickly find and access virtually any information on a site or multiple sites. Lets you build and maintain various subject-oriented search systems like cooking recipes, music downloads, and news search.

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SyMon 3.23.02

A boot manager with a flexible setup system and powerful tools allowing you to install and maintain any preferable operating system on the machine, in almost any combination.

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Time Boss 3.28.000

"The Time Boss is the time manager program for all users registered in Windows system.

Allows to limit the time of work on PC and to forbid the start of the separate specified programs or all programs located in certain folders or disks. The program has the event log (journal). It makes the screenshot log for active user as well.
Has the simple and clear interface with multilanguage support.

The principle of work of the program is simple: for all users you can define the time limit for work on PC. As soon as the user exceeds the limit, the program automatically finishes his session. The program blocks the start of forbidden programs specified for users (for example: Internet browser or any games).

The program uses the official protectional mechanisms of Windows system. It doesn't create espionage modules masking in components of the operational environment. It doesn't litter system folders, register, doesn't reduce the working speed of other programs. "

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