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WinLock Pro 6.41

WinLock Pro 6.41

WinLock Pro 6.41

Description by the Software Developer:
"WinLock Professional is a powerful security solution that lets you restrict access to various computer resources.

It offers all features of WinLock, plus several advanced commands of interest to the power Windows users and computer administrators. The advanced features of the Professional edition of WinLock are:

• Ability to apply different restrictions separately to each user account. Now you can create different protection schemes for each user account in a multiple-user environment. For each user, WinLock will activate only the selected restrictions. Moreover, it is possible to suspend all forms of WinLock protection for the specified user.

• Internet-related restrictions. WinLock Professional provides you with a group of selected Internet Explorer policies and enhanced content filtration suited to control and protect Internet access.

• Built-in file encryptor. You are likely to have confidential documents on your computer, which you may want to encrypt. LockBox Wizard will help you to protect any information. It uses a very strong Blowfish crypto-algorithm. Protected files cannot be decrypted without the correct password."

Supported languages: English, German, French, Russian, Portuguese-BR.
Developer:Crystal Office Systems Updated:12.03.2015 Price:Trial, $30 Size:5.72 MB OS:Windows XP/Vista/7
WinLock Pro 6.41
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WinLock Pro 6.41

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WinLock Pro 6.41

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