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Trend Micro Pattern File 15.983.00

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What is Trend Micro Pattern File 15.983.00:

The Official Pattern Release or OPR is Trend Micro's latest compilation of patterns for identified viruses.... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:

MP3 Rename

Renames MP3 files according to a variety of rules that you specify.
Features: Read/Write ID3 v2 tags (including Unicode tags); Fully configurable name format of ID3 tags; Unpack .zip, .rar, .ace files using your favorite unpacker; Preview before renaming; Moving files to folders (e.g., Artist name folder); Creating ID3 info based on filenames (configurable).
MP3 Rename requires that Net Framework be installed on your computer.

Recommended Download:

SnipIE 1.01 beta 31

SnipIE is all about saving your Internet research data as you browse the web - when you find it, and before it disappears or the links change. Instead of creating bookmarks, saving entire web pages, or copying to your word processor, simply drag and drop web text snippets into your research categories. Create your own snippet folders and categories for work or personal internet research topics. Share with friends via email (all they need is their browser). For team projects, share with colleagues via your office network. Snippets include original URL and date/time stamp, as well as page description, date, author and keywords where available. You can also set an optional copyright warning level. Whether you are researching for work, comparing products and prices, collecting tips and historical notes, searching for recipes etc. etc., you will find SnipIE a time-saving way to build up a repository of information at your fingertips - rather then relying on a multitude of bookmarks.
SnipIE integrates with IE and requires that IE 5.01 or higher be installed on your computer.

Recommended Download:

Open It! beta

An easy-to-use utility for extracting resourses (icons, cursors, sounds, etc) from EXE, DLL, CPL, SYS, OCX, AMC, AX, and DRV files.

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