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Symantec W32.Antinny Removal Tool 1.1.2

Symantec W32.Antinny Removal Tool 1.1.2

"W32.Antinny Removal Tool is designed to remove infections of the following threats:
В· W32.HLLW.Antinny
В· W32.HLLW.Antinny.E
В· W32.HLLW.Antinny.G
В· W32.Antinny.K
В· W32.Antinny.Q
В· W32.Antinny.AX
В· Trojan.Sientok
В· Trojan.Exponny"
Developer:Symantec Updated:23.03.2006 Price:Free Size:174 KB OS:98/ME/XP
Symantec W32.Antinny Removal Tool 1.1.2
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Security > Anti-viruses
Symantec W32.Antinny Removal Tool 1.1.2

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