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Steganos Privacy Suite 19.0.1 download link:

What is Steganos Privacy Suite 19.0.1:

A powerful software suite that encrypts and conceals your secret data by means of steganography: your sensitive data is embedded in common BMPs or WAVs in such a way that no one will know the files contain anything other than graphics or sound... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:

PocketTools 4.2

"PocketTools is a complete and essential monitoring tool for Microsoft Windows CE-based Pocket PC devices. The new Version 4.2 PocketTools offers a new look and feel and provides an easy way to monitor and retrieve information from your device."

Recommended Download:

Storage Tools 2.0

"The most comprehensive storage card management solution, StorageTools is the first product to offer defragmentation functionality for Pocket PC devices, providing dramatic speed improvements by resolving file fragmentations.
With StorageTools you can get detailed device and file system information about your storage cards, analysis of file allocations (slack space) and fragmentation level.
StorageTools works with all media types available on PocketPC/Windows CE devices, including industry standards: ATA compliant memory cards, Compact Flash cards, MicroDrives, Secure Digital (SD) cards, MultiMedia Cards (MMC) and PCMCIA memory cards. You can format storage media with different file system and cluster size."

Recommended Download:

PHM Pocket PC Plus! 0.8

PHM Pocket PC Plus! is a collection of small application which can enhance your PPC. It contains: - PHM My Pictures - PHM WMP Control - PHM Sleep Timer - PHM Slideshow - PHM My Documents library - PHMShell32.dll icons library - Shortcuts.

Top 10 apps today:
  1. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
  2. McAfee Virus SuperDAT Definitions Update 8810
  3. Hiren's BootCD 15.1
  4. GPU-Z 2.7.0
  5. McAfee Stinger & Raptor (64-bit)
  6. Avira Antivir Virus Definition File 20.02.2018
  7. CPU-Z 1.83
  8. Norton Virus Definitions 20.02.2018 (64-bit)
  9. Recover My Files
  10. Bitdefender Virus Definitions 20.02.2018
Latest software updates:
  1. Clonezilla Test
  2. AIDA64 5.95.4500 / 5.95.4557 Beta
  3. ConvertXtoDVD
  4. CrystalDiskInfo 7.5.2
  5. DeviceLock 8.2.71495
  6. Norton Virus Definitions 20.02.2018 (64-bit)
  7. Norton Virus Definitions 20.02.2018 (32-bit)
  8. Trend Micro Pattern File 13.977.0
  9. SideSlide 4.2.00
  10. McAfee Stinger & Raptor (64-bit)

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