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Soundplant 42

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What is Soundplant 42:

Transmogrifies your computer keyboard into a fully customizable sample-triggering device. Allows the assignment of sound files of unlimited size to virtually any keyboard key, with no external devices needed and no MIDI involved... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:

Dream Aquarium 1.140

Description by the Software Developer:
"Dream Aquarium is a next-generation aquarium screensaver that brings the beauty of a lush freshwater aquarium to your computer with unsurpassed realism.

· The most realistic fish motion and behavior of any virtual aquarium.
· A fiddler crab that cleans the bottom of the aquarium and chases fish.
· Fish have articulated fins, moving eyes, gills and mouth.
· Beautiful shifting light rays, ground ripples, gently waving plants that fish can swim into, soft shadows cast by fish, configurable bubble streams, auto-feeding.
· Add well over a hundred fish, and change settings without having to exit the aquarium.
· Free demo aquarium screensaver contains NO adware or spyware.
· Widescreen formatting, multi-monitor support & much more!"

Recommended Download:


Without Manycam installed you are unable to use your Webcam in more than one application at a time. This program solves this problem for you by splitting one video stream into several video streams. All you need to do is to choose Manycam virtual Webcam as the video source in your webcam applications. You can also add some features to the video stream by using ManyCam (for example, funny animations, time and text). Right click the Manycam icon in your bottom right tray to access these features.

Recommended Download:

HDClone Free

Description by the Software Developer:
"HDClone copies the content of hard disks on a physical level from one disk to another hard disk.
Depending on the sizes of the hard disks, a complete or abridged image of the source disk will be created.

The Free Edition of HDClone offers all necessary abilities to copy a complete hard disk onto another, larger hard disk. This can be utilized to migrate an existing installation to a new hard disk as well as for data rescue. The Free Edition is real freeware without obligation to buy and is intended for the short-term usage at no cost. But in case of more frequent usage, we recommend using one of the higher editions since they offer higher performance in the first line but also support a wider range of hardware as well as additional options which are optimized for regular or professional usage.

HDClone Free Edition supports IDE/ATA and SATA/eSATA hard disks and is able to copy up to 300 MB/min."

Top 10 apps today:
  1. Snitz Forums 2000 3.4.07
  2. Xtreeme Search Engine Studio 4.01
  3. Professional Renamer 3.76
  4. Kaspersky Free Antivirus
  5. Flagfox 6.1.45
  6. AnyDesk 7.0.6
  7. Yandex Browser
  8. Xubuntu 22.04.1
  9. XviD4PSP 8.1.36
  10. 3D Mail Effects 6.0.4
Latest software updates:
  1. Shotwell 0.30.17
  2. FFmpeg 5.1.2
  3. Microsoft Safety Scanner 25.09.22
  4. Bitdefender Virus Definitions 25.09.22
  5. ImageMagick
  6. Chromium 108.0.5322.0
  7. Dr.Web CureIt! 25.09.2022
  8. HyperSnap 8.24.01
  9. MP3tag 3.17c
  10. ReNamer 7.4

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