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Snitz Forums 2000 3.4.07 download link:

What is Snitz Forums 2000 3.4.07:

An ASP based bulletin board system. A complete board system (forum) that enables the user to access a friendly and intuitive interface... (read full description...)

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PatchMaker 1.0

"PatchMaker is a 2D motion tracking program designed for intraframe video editing and compositing. It can determine the motion of a selected object in the scene to a subpixel precision under a specified parametric motion model. The computed motion can be used to solve the following tasks:
- Placing a patch on a moving object. The patch stays glued to the object because its motion was so accurately determined.
- Background stabilizing (eliminating unwanted motion in the scene caused, for example, by camera jerks).
PatchMaker has built-in means of integration with Adobe® After Effects® (AE) that allow data exchang between the applications with a single button click. The AE plug-in module coming with the PatchMaker takes care of importing/exporting footage between current projects as well as applying computed transformations to the active layer.
PatchMaker has a comfortable user interface that enables complete visual control over the tracking process. For instance, you can visually organize the tracking in stages, or preview current results immediately during computation, or change the patch on the fly."

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OrganizerMp3 1.3

A program to organize your MP3 music collection.

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"The Hiron application is designed to ensure privacy of the user's personal email communications.
The most important distinguishing feature of Hiron resides in its sophisticated cryptographic system of unparalleled strength. It is designed to provide the highest-level, long-term security to personal information sent by e-mail. The project's goal is to ensure the level of protection that could stand all kinds of feasible attacks by use of available computing facilities during decades to come, bearing in mind estimated progress in technology and cryptanalysis. To achieve this goal, Hiron employs a series of strongest known cryptographic algorithms (such as Rijndael, Twofish, ...), which are incorporated as building-blocks within an innovative encryption technology. A higher-order elliptic curve is used for asymmetric (public key) encryption.
- In addition, the Hiron application involves:
Unique encoding scheme.
Protection against disassembling, decompiling, debugging, reverse engineering, or tracing the application's normal functioning.
Ability to handle documents without leaving any trace of their unencrypted forms on data storage media.
Simplicity in sending a document, either encrypted or not, by email: a single click on a toolbar button does the job.
The application was designed and implemented by a professional theoretical physicist, who also is an experienced cryptography programmer."

Top 10 apps today:
  1. EarthDesk 7.2.1
  2. MediaMonkey
  3. Start Menu Reviver
  4. Rapid Typing Tutor Portable 4.6.2
  5. Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller
  6. Patch My PC
  7. Universal Virus Sniffer (uVS) 3.87
  8. Utilu Mozilla Firefox Collection
  9. x264Gui 0.9.5
  10. ZenKEY 2.5.3
Latest software updates:
  1. Process Lasso
  2. Linux Kernel 5.2.10
  3. Trend Micro Pattern File 15.319.0
  4. DBF Viewer 2000 7.25
  5. PeaZip 6.9.1
  6. Artweaver Free 7.0.1
  7. Kaspersky Rescue Disk 25.08.2019
  8. Core Temp 1.15
  9. Avira Antivir Virus Definition File 25.08.2019
  10. Bitdefender Virus Definitions 25.08.2019

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