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SmartSniff 2.29

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What is SmartSniff 2.29:

SmartSniff is a network monitoring utility that allows you to capture TCP/IP packets that pass through your network adapter, and view the captured data as sequence of conversations between clients and servers... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:

Xtreeme Search Engine Studio 4.01

"Creating a search engine for your web site does not have to be difficult: with Search Engine Studio within a few minutes you can create a full-text search engine for your web site (works with any existing hosting) as a CGI or PHP script (or Java servlet), or you can even create an offline search engine for a CD-ROM / DVD distribution.
The difference between Search Engine Studio and other search engine generators is that it uses its own highly optimized database engine so there is absolutely no installation required on the server. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps of the assistant to have the program automatically index your website and then upload the required files to your server. Everything the search engine needs will be located on YOUR server without any references to other websites to ensure best possible performance. The search results will not display any ads or other unwanted content and for the first time you can fully customize the displayed result page appearance."

Recommended Download:

ShareGuard Copy Protection 3.6

"This program is for software developers and/or web authors who want to increase their revenues and protect their software investment. This copy protection will work with any programming language and even screen savers. Works with all of our encryption products. ShareGuard can work as a wrapper or as internal coding using the SDK. You can either use ShareGuard without doing any coding at all or you can write code down to the function call level for customized copy protection using our SDK.
ShareGuard is the most flexible copy protection system available. It can be used in any programming language and will protect EXEs or DLLs or run time systems (e.g. Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, Java) and works with the new .NET architecture. It will unlock software using three different methods and has online activation. It will generate product registration keys for completely automated systems. It will also allow for unlocking of single computers for the ultimate in security. ShareGuard can even pass parameters using the wrapper method. ShareGuard can copy protect screen savers using the wrapper method. This is simply the most versatile and the best copy protection available at this price anywhere in the world. ShareGuard will unlock an unlimited number of customers royalty-free."

Recommended Download:

DUTraffic 1.5 RC2 build 36

DUTraffic is a powerful dial-up monitor that can log statistics. It enables you to start and close applications depending on the connection status. Also, it notifies you on changes in the connection status. Multi-user mode supported. The interface is multilingual.

Top 10 apps today:
  1. MiniBin
  2. Python 3.8.5
  3. VMWare Workstation for Linux 15.5.2 (64-bit)
  4. WebDrive 2019 Build 5345
  5. TranslateIt! 8.1.3
  6. Tunngle 5.8.8
  7. VideoPad Video Editor 8.75
  8. Windows 8 Manager
  9. STANDARD Codecs 10.4.0
  10. GOM Encoder
Latest software updates:
  1. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 20.09.2020
  2. Dr.Web CureIt! 20.09.2020
  3. Samba 4.12.7
  4. Chromium 87.0.4269.0 (64-bit)
  5. nVIDIA Quadro Driver (Windows 10 64-bit) 456.38 WHQL
  6. Reaper 6.14
  7. J. River Media Center 27.0.13 (64-bit)
  8. Fences
  9. Reg Organizer 8.55
  10. Bitdefender Virus Definitions 19.09.2020

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