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PureSync 4.5.7

PureSync 4.5.7

PureSync 4.5.7

- Synchronize files and folders, FTP*

- Backup of files and complete folders
- Transfer files
- transfer files to another computer
- automatic adaption to the folder at the destination Pc e.g. C:\Users instead of C:\Documents ...

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- Control what will be synced in which direction
- Easy to use, clear user interface
- E.g. there are wizard and tool tips, support for Drag & Drop of folders

Automatic synchronization and backups
- Scheduler
- when a file has been modified

Special Photo-Sync for digital cameras
- copy e.g. only the new photos from the camera-. Though photos that have been sorted out but still at the camera are not copy again.
Developer:Jumping Bytes Updated:27.07.2017 Price:Free Size:13.4 MB OS:Windows XP/7/8/10
PureSync 4.5.7
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PureSync 4.5.7

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A sophisticated all-in-one application that combines the functions of the Nero burn engine with numerous features relating to your digital recordings.
CD-recording: Burn and copy both audio and data files and 1:1 backup CDs with all the advantages and features of the stable Nero Burning ROM burn engine.
Playback: The playback functions allow the playing and recording of audio or video files in various formats. Create playlists of your audio CDs, and of your MP3, WMA, WAV and midi files.
Digital audio: Digitize your cassette or LP recordings.
Encoding/decoding: On fast computers the powerful Nero MP3 Encoder converts a WAV file 3 mins. 40 secs. long into one less than 25 secs long.
Other highlights: Internet radio (with Playlist Support – PLS).
Choose the latest design for your individual user interface.
Including Nero Cover Designer (with approx. 200 different print templates).

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