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Hotspot Shield Free 5.4.3

Hotspot Shield Free 5.4.3

Hotspot Shield Free 5.4.3

Provides security as you travel to different wi-fi locations.

Hotspot Shield helps secure your computer, your anonymity and your online communications when using free wi-fi.

- Ensures your computer remains anonymous and private when logged on to free wi-fi hotspots.

- Auto encrypts and protects inbound / outbound Internet traffic (email, instant messaging, VoIP calls, web surfing, etc.) as it’s transmitted thru the air, using wi-fi.

- Thwarts wireless hackers keeping your personal data locked down while using an unsecured hotspot.

- Provides professional security and protection without expensive or complex requirements.

Developer:Ariane Resnick Updated:31.05.2016 Price:Free Size:11.66 MB OS:Windows XP/7/8/10
Hotspot Shield Free 5.4.3
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Hotspot Shield Free 5.4.3

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Hotspot Shield Free 5.4.3 Hotspot Shield Free 5.4.3
Provides security as you travel to different wi-fi locations
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Hotspot Shield Free 5.4.3

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