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Norton Virus Definitions 14.01.2019 64-bit download link:

What is Norton Virus Definitions 14.01.2019 64-bit:

Download the latest Certified Virus Definition for Norton Security, Norton Security with Backup, Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360 (version 22.7 or later)... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:

Advanced Grapher 2.11

A program for plotting high-quality 2D graphs of equations, inequalities, and tables. Lets you perform regression analysis and various calculations. Up to 30 graphs on one coordinate plane (in one document); multiple-document interface - the amount of simultaneously opened documents is limited only by the amount of free memory. Supported graph types: Y(x) and X(y); graphs of tables; R(a) - in polar coordinates; X(t) and Y(t) - parametrical equations; f(x,y)=0 - graphs of equations; (x,y)<0 and f(x,y)>0 - graphs of inequalities (and systems of inequalities); dx/dy(x,y) and dy/dx(x,y) - slope fields. Calculus features: regression analysis (7 regression types and ability to automatically choose a regression type); obtaining intersections; analytical derivation; determination of the equation of a tangent and its plotting; numerical integration; obtaining zeroes and extrema of functions. The graphs can be saved as BMP or EMF and exported to Word documents.

Recommended Download:

Home Planet 3.1

As a matter of fact, the author of this program likes to "think of Home Planet as putting a somewhat different spin on the Earth and sky". Home Planet enables you to view: An earth map showing day and night regions, location of the Moon and current phase, and position of a selected earth satellite. Earth maps can be customised and extended by editing a DLL which provides maps to Home Planet; A panel showing detailed position and phase data for the Sun and Moon; Another panel showing positions of planets and a selected asteroid or comet, both geocentric and from the observer's location; A sky map, based on either the Yale Bright Star Catalogue or the 256,000 star SAO catalogue, including rendering of spectral types, planets, earth satellites, asteroids and comets (Celestial coordinates are included, and an extensive and user-extensible deep-sky database includes all Messier objects and many of the NGC objects. Precession and proper motion are accounted for in the display); and much more.

Recommended Download:


"Bombina is a keyboard simulator. This program teaches to print by all-fingers blind method.
This is a full-fledged keyboard simulator on good price.
The Whole for week you may raise the velocity of the print before 100 signs at minute. Hippopotamuses will you to help."

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