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mp3DirectCut 2.30

mp3DirectCut 2.30
Windows XP/7/8/10
302.73 KB
mp3DirectCut 2.30

mp3DirectCut 2.30

A non-destructive audio editor and recorder for MP3. It lets you directly cut, copy, paste, or change the volume with no need to decompress your files into a pcm format, which saves encoding time and preserves the original audio quality, because absolutely nothing must be re-encoded. The built-in recorder lets you create MP3s on the fly from every source. Using the Cue sheet support or the pause detection and the split function you can easily divide longer files, e.g., CD images.

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mp3DirectCut 2.30

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Description by the Software Developer:
"12Ghosts save you time and secure your privacy. They automate your daily work and let you relax. SuperGee includes more than 80 time-saving power tools for Windows." The more than 80 time-saving power tools include Normal Backup, HyperBackup (keeps several versions of files), Registry Backup, Cookie Cleaner, Cyber Scrubber (clears browser cache & history), Wipe empty space on disk, Set or remove registry values, Search for duplicate files, Mouse Move Starter (start programs by moving your mouse), Have a button clicked automatically, Zip Code Finder, Look up 700 Internet-related acronyms, Remove context menu entries, Synchronize time over the Internet, -- and other 70 useful tools you can't live without.

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