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MLDonkey 3.1.3

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What is MLDonkey 3.1.3:

MLdonkey is a multi-platform multi-networks peer-to-peer client. Originally, MLdonkey was the first open-source client to access the eDonkey network. The protocol was reverse-engineered using an efficient protocol sniffer, Pandora... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:

FolderSizes 9.1 Build 283

Reduce storage costs through disk space analysis & management.

Desktop PCs and servers can quickly end up accumulating large quantities of unused, temporary, and duplicate files. Before you know it, you're out of drive space, backups are taking far too long to run, and users can't find the data they need when they need it.

Recommended Download:

CryptoExpert Lite 8.27

Description by the Software Developer:
"CryptoExpert creates encrypted virtual disks and these disks are visible as usual disks with drive letters (for example, G:, H:, Z:, i.e. with any drive letter that is not used by other system devices). The data stored on a CryptoExpert disk is stored in the container file. A container is a file, so it is possible to backup a container, move or copy it to other disk (CD-ROM or network, for instance) and continue to access your encrypted data using CryptoExpert. Any free drive letter (or choosen letter) in the system may be used to mount and to open an encrypted file-container for access. When the virtual disk is opened, you can read and write data as if it were a conventional removable disk. You can do anything with a CryptoExpert virtual drive that you can do with a normal hard drive; only that with CryptoExpert, the encrypted volumes require password authentication before the files become accessible."

Recommended Download:

Copernic Desktop Search 7.1.3 Build 13807

Copernic Desktop Search (CDS) brings the power of a sophisticated, yet easy-to-use search engine right to your PC and allows you to instantly search files, emails, and email attachments stored anywhere on your PC hard drive. It executes sub-second searching of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, Acrobat PDFs, and all popular music, picture and video formats. CDS also conducts a desktop search of your browser history, favorites, and contacts.
New and updated files and new emails are indexed the instant they arrive on your hard drive. Keeping the index "fresh" is a key factor in any search experience. With Copernic's Instant Indexing technology, new and updated files are indexed the instant they are saved to disk (Windows XP/2000/NT only), and emails are indexed the instant they arrive (Outlook only).
Simply type words into the deskbar, and CDS finds all relevant documents in an instant. CDS takes your search terms as you type and searches your entire hard drive. As you add more terms to your search, you see your search results narrowing down right before your eyes. As you scroll through the results list of files or emails, a preview is shown on the bottom of the screen. Just click "Open" and the file or email opens using its original application.

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  2. CEBoard 2.0
  3. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
  4. Sumatra PDF 3.2
  5. System Ninja (Portable) 3.2.9
  6. NoScript 11.1.9
  7. LiVES 3.2.0
  8. Data Crow 4.2.1
  9. OCCT 7.3.2 / Beta
  10. Brasero 3.12.0
Latest software updates:
  1. PhotoToFilm
  2. Google Chrome Portable 89.0.4389.72
  3. McAfee Virus SuperDAT Definitions Update 9916
  4. Chromium 91.0.4440.0 (64-bit)
  5. Avidemux 2.7.8
  6. Freemake Video Converter
  7. K-Lite Codec Pack Full Update 16.0.7
  8. Virtual DJ 2021 Build 6334
  9. Dr.Web CureIt! 7.03.2021
  10. Balabolka

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