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What is Maxthon

A powerful, easy to use, fast and stable browser you can take with you anywhere... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:

Cute CD DVD Burner 5.8

Cute CD DVD Burner is powerful and easy CD burners software and DVD burners.
Key Features:
Burn CD / DVD disc. It is a easy DVD burners software
Clone CD / DVD (Copy CD / DVD).One drive copy is available
Burn and Build ISO Images to CD / DVD
Burn Multisession CD / DVD
Bootable CD / DVD support

Recommended Download:

GIMPshop 2.8.0

GIMPshop is a modification of the free/open source GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP), intended to replicate the feel of Adobe Photoshop. Its primary purpose is to make users of Photoshop feel comfortable using GIMP.

Recommended Download:

Populist 2.1a beta

Populist is a clipboard enhancer that stores the last 15 text entries that passed through the clipboard. Once clicked an entry is copied into the clipboard and can then be pasted into any program. Full Drag&Drop support; 'Always On Top' option to float above other windows; Search feature makes it easy to find entries; Hotkey to access the Populist Menu from anywhere in Windows; 'Save On Exit' option detects Windows shut down and saves if set.
As a matter of fact, MS Word 2000, for instance, does have a multi-element clipboard.

Top 10 apps today:
  1. Cowon jetAudio 8.1.6
  2. CentOS 7.6
  3. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
  4. WPS Office Free
  5. Chromium 72.0.3636.0 (64-bit)
  6. VMWare Workstation for Linux 15.0.1 (64-bit)
  7. Google Chrome Portable 70.0.3538.102 (64-bit)
  8. MediaPortal 2.1.3 Final
  9. Adobe Camera Raw 11.0
  10. GEAR PRO Mastering Edition 7.03
Latest software updates:
  1. Avast Virus Definitions 09.12.2018
  2. Bitdefender Virus Definitions 09.12.2018
  3. Trend Micro Pattern File 14.677.00
  4. McAfee Virus SuperDAT Definitions Update 9102
  5. Wipe 17.29
  6. ExamDiff Pro (64-bit)
  7. Vidcoder 4.3 Beta
  8. HDClone Free 8.0.8
  9. Unreal Commander 3.57.1378
  10. Chromium 72.0.3636.0 (64-bit)

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