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KXDocker 1.1.4 Alpha

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What is KXDocker 1.1.4 Alpha:

KXDocker is an innovative docker for KDE it's like Mac OS X Docker but more powerfull. KXDocker target is to implement a new Docker idea to improve usability of Linux Desktops... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:

PrintBook 1.0

Makes the process of printing books in MS Word easy.

Recommended Download:

Tube 2 Engine 2.1.1

"Transform your PDA into a fully scrollable detailed map of one of the worlds subway or metro systems.
See your journeys come alive with a superb animated display.
Save hours by automatically having the quickest routes to hand, with all the details you need including line changes, platform directions and accurate journey times.
No more confusion on your trips, route details include, direction of travel, end of line, towards information, and number of stops in each segment.

Select advanced journey options such as quickest journey, fewest stops, avoid lines and quickly display return journey details."

Recommended Download:

ReactOS 0.4.13

Open source effort to create a Windows NT compatible OS under GNU license.

Top 10 apps today:
  1. Snitz Forums 2000 3.4.07
  2. Xtreeme Search Engine Studio 4.01
  3. Professional Renamer 3.76
  4. Kaspersky Free Antivirus
  5. Flagfox 6.1.45
  6. AnyDesk 7.0.6
  7. Yandex Browser
  8. Xubuntu 22.04.1
  9. XviD4PSP 8.1.36
  10. 3D Mail Effects 6.0.4
Latest software updates:
  1. Shotwell 0.30.17
  2. FFmpeg 5.1.2
  3. Microsoft Safety Scanner 25.09.22
  4. Bitdefender Virus Definitions 25.09.22
  5. ImageMagick
  6. Chromium 108.0.5322.0
  7. Dr.Web CureIt! 25.09.2022
  8. HyperSnap 8.24.01
  9. MP3tag 3.17c
  10. ReNamer 7.4

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