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Kaspersky Rescue Disk 26.04.2018 download link:

What is Kaspersky Rescue Disk 26.04.2018:

A safe way to remove viruses from a computer without the risk of getting infected... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:


Description by the Software Developer:
"DVDFab is all you need to backup DVDs. Features of DVDFab:
- Copy any DVD movie to one blank DVD disc.
- Copy any DVD movie in perfect quality (no quality loss)!
- Copy an entire DVD, including menus, trailers and special features. - Copy main movie only, excluding unwanted audio and subtitle.
- Copy DVD movie content from original DVD disc or from hard drive.
- Copy full multi-channel audio (AC3 5.1, DTS).
- Copy episodic/season DVD movies, TV series, etc.
- Copy NTSC/PAL DVD movies.
- Near perfect quality to a single DVD disc.
- Split a DVD-9 into two DVD-5 perfectly, and preserve menus on both discs.
- Copy DVD-9 in 1:1 mode, and burn to double layer disc.
- Remove all the restriction of DVD (CSS, Region, RCE, Macrovision, UOPs, etc.)
- Burns DVD movies to any blank DVD Disc (DVD +/- R/RW).
- Backup copy plays on any ordinary home DVD player.
- Simple "One-click" interface.
- Restore scratched or defective discs."

See also: DVDFab Decrypter (lite freeware version of DVDFab Platinum).

Recommended Download:

Guitar and Bass Ear Trainer 1.5

Play-along ear-training course for guitar, bass, and other fretboard instrument players. Learn to play effortlessly by ear. Develop the ability of playing whatever is in your mind without hesitation and without mistakes. Improve your improvisation skills. Develop your ability to listen one or twice to a song, to a solo, to a bass line, and then play it back exactly right the first time, without hesitation and withot fumbling around.

Recommended Download:

Anti-Trojan Elite 5.6.2

Description by the Software Developer:
"Anti Trojan Elite is a trojan/keylogger remover. When the trojan horse will run, Anti Trojan Elite can find out the trojan and stop it in time. Anti Trojan Elite was design to try secure your personal computer.

Anti Trojan Elite is also a system security tool, it can view the informations of network and process. Anti Trojan Elite can monitor any change of important registry keys and values."

Top 10 apps today:
  1. BlueSoleil 10.0.493.2
  2. PCSX2 0.9.6
  3. Beryl 0.2.1
  4. Debian Live 9.4.0
  5. Apache HTTP Server 2.4.33
  6. Wine 3.6
  7. VideoLan (VLC) 3.0.1
  8. Enhancer 0.17
  9. Hitman Pro 3.8.0 Build 292
  10. LibreOffice 6.0.1
Latest software updates:
  1. Balabolka
  2. Kubuntu 18.04 LTS
  3. Ubuntu Desktop 18.04 LTS
  4. Trend Micro Pattern File 14.213.00
  5. UEStudio
  6. J. River Media Center 24.0.019
  7. K-Lite Codec Pack Full Update 14.1.3
  8. McAfee Virus SuperDAT Definitions Update 8874
  9. Avira Internet Security Suite
  10. Avira Free Antivirus

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