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K3b 21.048.1

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What is K3b 21.048.1:

The CD/DVD Kreator for Linux - optimized for KDE... (read full description...)

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This game is a 3D simulator of the famous Rubik's Cube puzzle game. You may rotate either the whole Cube (with right mouse button) or only selected side (with left mouse button). You can save the state of your cube and continue the game later by loading previously saved game.

Recommended Download:

SubmarineS 2.8

Destroy enemy subs before they destroy you. Explode them with slowly falling depth charges while avoiding their mines. There are several kinds of sub each with different ways of moving and shooting. The game has nice 3D graphics, music and sound effects. The trial version is limited to ten levels.

Recommended Download:

Moorhuhn Jagd 1.0

A popular German shoot'em-up featuring funny flying hens.

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Moorhuhn 2
Moorhuhn 3
Moorhuhn-Kart X
Moorhuhn-Kart 2
Moorhuhn X XS

Top 10 apps today:
  1. GWX Control Panel
  2. Windows Repair 4.10.3 Free/Pro
  3. BulletsPassView 1.32
  4. Photo Magician
  5. 7+ Taskbar Tweaker 5.11.3
  6. Accord CD Ripper Free 6.9.1
  7. GameJackal Pro
  8. NoClone 2014 Free
  9. CodecInstaller 2.10.4
  10. EVEREST Corporate Edition 5.50
Latest software updates:
  1. McAfee Virus SuperDAT Definitions Update 10143
  2. EssentialPIM Free 9.10.7
  3. Linux Kernel 5.14.14
  4. CPU-Z 1.98
  5. CCleaner 5.86.9258
  6. GoodSync2Go Portable
  7. GoodSync
  8. Trend Micro Pattern File 17.141.00
  9. Microsoft Safety Scanner 20.10.21
  10. Chromium 96.0.4675.0 (64-bit)

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