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Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 9.0.4 download link:

What is Java SE Development Kit (JDK) 9.0.4:

Provides a complete environment for applications development on desktops and servers and for deployment in embedded environments. It provides the basis for security, database connectivity and more... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:

Avant Browser Ultimate 2018 Build 1

multi-window browser that adds a batch of useful features and functionalities to Internet Explorer. Multi-window browsing lets you browse multiple web pages simultaneously: all opened pages can be easily stopped, refreshed, closed or arranged with one click. Additional mouse functions: if you click a link in the web page with the middle mouse button, the link will be opened in a new window in the background, which can be extremely useful for opening posts in forums. Avant Browser also comes with customizable Mouse Gestures, with which you can easily navigate the browser by moving the mouse. Built-in Search Engine: the browser integrates with Google (you can set Avant Browser to utilize any of up to 64 Google mirrors by default). Full IE Compatibility: Avant Browser comes with all Internet Explorer functions, including Cookies, ActiveX Controls, Java Script, Real player, and Macromedia Flash. IE bookmarks are automatically imported into Avant Browser. Also, the program lets you delete all browsing traces such as typed addresses, auto-complete passwords, cookies, history of visited web sites, temporary Internet files, and search keywords. Plus, the built-in ad/pop-up blocker and the skinnable interface.
Ultimate Version includes IE, Firefox and Chrome rendering engines

Recommended Download:

Tray Helper 5.2

A small utility that sits in the systray and enables you to do the following:
- send colorful e-mails with emoticons
- track if / when and how many times your e-mails are read
- remind you about all your meetings, important events, birthdays etc
- check all your e-mail accounts (up to 100) in the background
- auto-delete spam messages on these accounts, important messages can be forwarded to your mobile device
- built-in auto-responder
- built-in e-mail reader
- watch your browser's windows and kill all unwanted pop-ups
- supports plugins
Supported plugins:
- Small WWW server: change your PC into a small WWW server in less than one minute
- Atom time clock synchronizer: synchronize your PC clock with atomic time server
- Tasks: a small plugin that allows you to keep a "TO DO" list
- Notes: this plugin allows you to create and stick notes to your Windows desktop
- Pinger: it can track the presence of computers in your LAN or Internet and do some actions when it changes
- Web Spy: tracks changes on webpages and informs you about them.
Note: "Download" links to the Tray Helper shareware edition (evaluation period: 30 days).
The freeware edition (some features disabled) sits here.

Recommended Download:

Wave Creator 3.0

A powerful wave editor and recorder with cut, copy, paste, 10 band stereo equalizer, and the ability to convert between MP3s and wave files. Support for three different sampling rates (11, 22, and 44 KHz) and both 8 and 16-bit audio. A number of special effects such as echo, flange, and chorus. Ability to mix sounds - you can overlay your voice on top of music, for example. Automatically trims silence below a certain threshold; and more.
Evaluation period: 30 days.

Top 10 apps today:
  1. GPU-Z 2.7.0
  2. FBackup 7.1.313
  3. WinCatalog 2017 17.3
  4. Enhancer 0.17
  5. CPU-Z 1.83
  6. Carambis Driver Updater
  7. RegRun Reanimator
  8. Rainlendar (32-bit) 2.14
  9. VueScan 9.6.06
  10. Recover My Files
Latest software updates:
  1. RJ TextEd Portable 12.80
  2. Sound Normalizer 7.99.8
  3. Norton Virus Definitions 18.02.2018 (64-bit)
  4. Norton Virus Definitions 18.02.2018 (32-bit)
  5. CDBurnerXP Beta
  6. 4.2.0
  7. McAfee Virus SuperDAT Definitions Update 8808
  8. Trend Micro Pattern File 13.973.0
  9. Rainlendar (32-bit) 2.14
  10. PeaZip 6.5.1

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