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Google Chrome 83.0.4103.116

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What is Google Chrome 83.0.4103.116:

A browser that combines a minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer, and easier.... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:

KaZaA 3.2.3

A popular peer-to-peer file-sharing program. The downside: lots of ads, spyware etc.

Recommended Download:

WinProxy 1.5.3

A proxy server and a firewall with integrated mail server. WinProxy enables you to connect your entire local network to the Internet, through one (dynamic) IP address; supports HTTP, FTP, GOPHER, Telnet, NNTP, SMTP, POP3, RealAudio and more protocols. WinProxy features shared cache, dial-on-demand, user/group management, URL restricting, logging etc. Supports proxy cascading and configuration through a Web browser.

Recommended Download:

Internet Macros 5.20

Any combination of browsing, form filling, clicking and information gathering can be recorded into a macro and Internet Macros assists you during the recording with visual feedback. Internet Macros can: Automatically complete forms; Auto-login to your email (and, if you want, also write and send the email for you); Navigate complex websites repeatedly without user intervention; Securely store passwords using the industry standard Blowfish encryption algorithm... Automate your search engine submissions, manage Google and Overture Pay per Click search engine listings and bidding automatically, extract information from websites, query online-databases and download the results automatically... Measure web site response times with the STOPWATCH command to create performance statistics... Internet Macros can be set to simulate Internet Explorer (IE) completely. In this mode it is NOT possible at all for a web server to distinguish between a normal (human) user and the Internet Macros robot... Extract data from web pages (web queries); Web enable your application in 5 minutes with ActiveX control component (Scripting Interface); Automate even Flash or Java applets... and more.

Top 10 apps today:
  1. Bitmaps & Waves 310.1
  2. Snitz Forums 2000 3.4.07
  3. Notepad++ 7.8.8
  4. Partition Wizard Free 12
  5. Adobe Camera Raw 12.3
  6. FreeBSD 12.1 / 11.4
  7. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
  8. FFmpeg 4.3
  9. Python 3.8.3
  10. VMWare Workstation for Linux 15.5.2 (64-bit)
Latest software updates:
  1. DGear 5.00 Build 2284
  2. Chromium 86.0.4190.0 (64-bit)
  3. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 02.07.2020
  4. Zenwalk Linux Current 15.0.200701
  5. Linux Kernel 5.7.7
  6. Windows Defender Definition Updates 02.07.2020 (32-bit)
  7. Mozilla Firefox Portable 78.0.1
  8. Wireshark 3.2.5
  9. Don't Sleep 6.77
  10. Belarc Advisor 9.6

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