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Duplicate Finder 3.6

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What is Duplicate Finder 3.6:

Find & Remove TRUE duplicate files, Save disk space and run system very smoothly... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:

Fresh Download 8.79

A free download manager with no banners or spyware modules but with support for multi-threaded download, integration with browsers, task scheduler, anti-virus support, and other niceties.
To use the program, you'll be asked to register (for free) on the developer's web site and receive the reg. key to unlock the program.

Recommended Download:

Necromancer's Dos Navigator 2.15.4000

Description by the Software Developer:
"Necromancer's Dos Navigator [NDN] is one of the branches of Rit Research Lab's Dos Navigator.
Long File Names Support
Multi-windowed interface
Disk utilities
Comprehensive File Manager
26 types of archives supported
Powerful customizable editor with 3 code pages support
Hex-editor with code pages support
Huge strings support
Regular expressions
Spreadsheet communications
Fully 32 bit version
Very often updates
and more..."

Recommended Download:

CDCheck 3.1.14

A program primarily intended for checking CDs for readability but also capable of working with any files no matter where they sit, be it on hard drives, floppies, ZIP drives, or anyplace else. CDCheck also provides fast binary compare for effectively checking that file transfers (burning, copying) were accomplished successfully, and alerts you of differences. The interface is multilingual.

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