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Dr.Web CureIt! 12.07.2020

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What is Dr.Web CureIt! 12.07.2020:

Easy to use curing utility to clean your computer infected with viruses and various unwanted codes by the Dr.Web Anti-virus updated twice an hour... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:

dTree 3.2

"dTree is our freely available File Explorer for your PPC. You can move, copy, delete, rename and even beam (via infra red) files on your device. An html viewer is also integrated."

Recommended Download:

Jigsaw Puzzle Lite 1.6.7

Fun freeware jigsaw puzzle game with nice interface, categorized puzzle collections and ability to customize puzzles. A lot of free puzzles included in this game, and you can create your own puzzles from your favourite pictures with a few clicks of a mouse. Additional packs of high-quality and customizable photographic puzzles can be purchased from KraiSoft Entertainment website.

Recommended Download:

Rudeo Control for Windows Media Player 1.5.13

Rudeo Control is wireless networking software that allows to remotely control Windows Media Player 9 on your main computer from Pocket PC.
Remote Functions Available through Rudeo Control:
- Browse the complete media library from Pocket PC.
- Queue up songs ahead of time and change music at any moment.
- Save your selections as Playlists
- Manage existing Playlists
- Play controls: Stop, Play, Pause, Next, Previous Volume Control
- Progress Bar with real-time update back to Pocket PC
- Seek to any spot on the song by dragging progress trackbar.
- Stores Media Library locally on Pocket PC for quick start operation
- Update Media Library without having to dock Pocket PC into craddle.
- Will work with multiple Pocket PCs connected to the same computer.
- Reliable operation: Music doesn't stop if Pocket PC turns off or disconnects from computer.
Note: Requires .NET Framework and .NET Compact Framework.

Top 10 apps today:
  1. Snitz Forums 2000 3.4.07
  2. Partition Wizard Free 12
  3. TeamViewer
  4. Scarab Darkroom 2.23
  5. Batch It 6.82 / Pro 6.08 / Ultra 6.07
  6. WinScan2PDF 5.77.1
  7. Clonezilla (LiveCD/Portable)
  8. OCCT 6.0.1 Beta 5 (64-bit)
  9. Google Chrome Portable 83.0.4103.116
  10. Hiren's BootCD 15.1
Latest software updates:
  1. SuperRam
  2. PCBoost
  3. Throttle
  4. GameBoost
  5. GameGain
  6. EMDB Portable 3.65
  7. 4.19 Build 2274 Alpha
  8. AVG AntiVirus Updates 12.07.2020
  9. Avast Virus Definitions 12.07.2020
  10. GridinSoft Anti-Malware 4.1.53

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