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Avira AntiVir Virus Definition File 25.07.2017 download link:

What is Avira AntiVir Virus Definition File 25.07.2017:

Download the Virus Definition File to always keep Avira AntiVir up-to-date... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:

Nero InfoTool 11.0.00500

Information about features of installed drives, inserted discs, installed software and much more

Detailed data on drive properties such as firmware, buffer size, serial number, production date, and current DVD region code
Information on the name and version number of the operating system, the ASPI manager, installed burning applications, and hardware configuration of the computer

Recommended Download:

QView 2.90

"QView - file viewer and editor for files managers (FAR, DN, NC etc)"

Recommended Download:

WinAudit 3.1

Description by the Software Developer:
"WinAudit is free, you can use it in your commercial applications and distribute it freely to anyone. The programme requires neither installation nor configuration. Its small size and ability to create formatted emails means you can an audit of just about any Windows® based personal computer.
The programme reports on virtually every aspect of computer inventory and configuration. Results are displayed in web-page format, categorised for ease of viewing and text searching. Whether your interest is in software compliance, hardware inventory, technical support, security or just plain curiosity, WinAudit has it all. The programme has advanced features such as service tag detection, hard-drive failure diagnosis, network port to process mapping, network connection speed, system availability statistics as well as Windows update and firewall settings."

Top 10 apps today:
  1. McAfee Virus SuperDAT Definitions Update 8603
  2. Virtual Keyboard 3.2.1
  3. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
  4. Hiren's BootCD 15.1
  5. Realtek High Definition Audio Driver for Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista R2.81
  6. Beyond Compare
  7. CentOS 7.3
  8. OCCT 4.5.0
  9. Analog Clock 2.2
  10. RadarClock 1.32
Latest software updates:
  1. SiSoftware Sandra Lite 2017.04.24.30
  2. Recover My Files
  3. Display Driver Uninstaller
  4. AVG AntiVirus Updates 28.07.2017
  5. Windows Defender Definition Updates 28.07.2017 (64-bit)
  6. ISO Workshop 7.6
  7. VirtualBox 5.1.26
  8. WinHex 19.3 SR-4
  9. Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 28.07.2017
  10. SmartFTP 9.0.2462.0

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