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ATI BIOS Editor 2.7

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What is ATI BIOS Editor 2.7:

BIOS editor for Radeon-based cards This release adds support for 9200/9600/9800 cards ... (read full description...)

Recommended Download:

SI Show.kit 1.3

"Show.kit 1.3 is a treat for everybody who needs to create a website in lightning speed, embodying the most progressive approach to quick creation of Flash websites, HTML websites and Flash presentations. Thus it makes Show.kit an all-in-one solution. The latest version of Show.kit makes it possible now to create classical HTML websites just the same easy in one click. Show.kit will save your time, efforts and money. The interface provides an easy to use project tree that allows you to edit and customize individual components. The result, compiled with a single click, is a fully-workable, ready-for-upload Flash or HTML web-site, Flash presentation, or both."

Recommended Download:

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder

Auslogics Duplicate File Finder is a program that you can use to locate and delete duplicate files, in order to free up space on your hard drive.

The interface of the application is based on a clean and easy-to-follow wizard in which you can get started by selecting the type of duplicate files that you want to find (images, audio, video, archives, applications or all), as well as the target volume or folder.

In addition, you can set the search criteria by ignoring files that are smaller or larger than a particular size, along with file names and dates.

Plus, you can enable Auslogics Duplicate File Finder to send the duplicates to the Recycle Bin or Rescue Center (which allows file recovery), or to permanently delete them from your computer.

Recommended Download:

iNetAdviser 4.5.38

Description by the Software Developer:
"iNetAdviser is an IE based multi-window browser with integrated bookmark management that personalizes surfing based on your browsing history and existing bookmarks. iNetAdviser is an IE based multi-window browser with integrated bookmark management that personalizes surfing based on your browsing history and existing bookmarks. It includes features for ads and popup blocking and clearing any trace of web surfing web page and more.

The program allows you to specially mark previously visited links in a page. After hovering the mouse over a link iNetAdviser displays a small snapshot of the page, as well as comments (if any) and the last view date and more. Also you can always tell what pages of a given site you already visited and view all the related comments in a single window."

Top 10 apps today:
  1. Partition Wizard Free 12
  2. Python 3.8.4
  3. VMWare Workstation for Linux 15.5.2 (64-bit)
  4. McAfee Virus SuperDAT Definitions Update 9683
  5. Apache Subversion 1.12.0
  6. Adobe Camera Raw 12.3
  7. Debian 10.4..0
  8. TeamViewer
  9. CentOS 8.0.1911
  10. Adobe Flash CS3 Professional
Latest software updates:
  1. Atlantis Word Processor 4.0.2
  2. jv16 PowerTools
  3. Notepad++ 7.8.9
  4. STANDARD Codecs 10.1.3
  5. DVDFab Passkey
  6. Chromium 86.0.4205.0 (64-bit)
  7. Trend Micro Pattern File 16.105.00
  8. UltraEdit
  9. Avira Antivir Virus Definition File 16.07.2020
  10. Avast Virus Definitions 16.07.2020

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