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AQBack 1.2

AQBack 1.2
Shareware, $17
1100 KB
AQBack 1.2

AQBack 1.2

A powerful backup tool. Supports Windows XP themes, uses Win2K-like wizards and MS Office-like task panes, has a scheduler, offers password protection (you can set a password for each backup task so no one else can use your data), the backups are compressed (you can choose compression level for each backup task), drag&drop support, and more.

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AQBack 1.2

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FastType 1.0

FastType helps you save time: it remembers any text you enter into almost any field of Windows control elements (i.e. URLs, e-mail addresses, commands you type in the 'Run' dialog box, etc), and when later you start entering the same text again, FastType will enter it for you automatically (that is, once you type in the first symbols of the phrase, the highlighted text appears, which is the whole phrase).

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IE Tab

IE Tab lets you embed Internet Explorer in tabs of Mozilla Firefox. A great tool for web developers, since you can easily see how your webpage is displayed in IE with just one click and then switch back to Firefox

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FreeShade 1.004 beta 7

FreeShade's basic reason for existence is to provide window shading for Windows. Window shading is when you double-click on a window's caption and the window rolls itself up so that only its caption (or title bar) is visible. You can see window shading on Apple Macs, various window managers for X-Windows (on Unix, GNU/Linux etc). So, FreeShade reduces screen clutter, either for a brief peek behind the current window, or you can leave several shaded windows lounging around the screen. If you've regularly got lots of windows open and need to refer to several of them in close order, window shading may come in handy.
By default, the program somehow supposes that you have a three-button mouse. So, if in fact you have a two-button mouse, you need to run FreeShade with a -2 key (that is, you need to press the Start button; select 'Run'; type in "freeshade -2" (without the quotation marks, of course); and then press 'Enter'). In this case FreeShade will be run in two-button mode.

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